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So if I received a lisence from NLI is it legitamate--? -Because that's how they make themselves sound when the female who answered the line won't even answer MY questions and directs it back to "where I live", which is also annoying because gee, did you ever think that I'm not going to be practicing where I currently live?

And I know they're trying to cover themselves.. So upon receiving a lisence from NLI would I be readily able to work ANYWHERE given the guidelines of each State? I asked her that and informed her I'm not coming from the medical feild and am not seeking the injectibles course and that I want to become a licensed spa laser technician. For my own readons doll, how do you like that for an anwer?

Because I want to be licensed & order my own equipment and work in that feild if and when I choose. Did that ever occur to your *** ***? ..But how can I truly want to go here now after this lesser being treated me so rudely as if I am dumber than she & she works a pathetic phone job. ***, as if.

Do your job and guide the person along who wants to attend. Actually my last jobs were being photographed with a celebrity, gee, wonder how I got there in life so how dare your small brained little self speak down to anybody when your job is to provide customer service?

You are effing pathetic in my book. Congratulations..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ignorant transvestite


You’re a complete moron. You can’t spell for *** and that “pathetic phone job” pays her bills and guess what?

She gets to help suckers like YOU hand her all your money!! Haha... If you’re going to slander someone, at least spell correctly, and PRETEND you’re competent enough you low life, good for nothing *** Celebs? Ok *** pfff yeah right.

If you were a celeb you wouldn’t be on this website. Get a life and go back to kindergarten spelling class.

Btw, your picture is hideous.... you look like one of those modern day tranvestites.


It does matter where you live because training requirements and regulations vary a lot from state to state. For instance in NJ only a doctor can use lasers and NY it’s unregulated. So in order to answer your question she does in fact need to know where you live/where you intend to work.


figures that the business attacked the original poster, and the only thing they had was her spelling. Did you ever stop to think that maybe her first language isn't English? And besides, just because someone don't meet your standards, don't you the right to rip them off!

to str8upgirl #1482042

“The only thing they attacked her for was spelling?” Lol. Your handle should be “stupid girl” bc that’s what you are.

You must be the op’s friend. You’re both incompetent gutter trash.


After reading this little rant, I'm positive the fault was in this lady and had "nothing" to do with your {{Redacted}}, rude, self entitled attitude problem. You are definately the victim here!


This post was so difficult to read because it was obvious the person writing it was just not educated or intelligent. So many grammar errors and the spelling was the worst I've ever seen. If you're going to post rants about how "Smart" you are please Provide Proof in your next Post

to Stacey #1364823

You don't get out much-- at least she has her looks

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