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I went to NLI in July of 2015 with big dreams of finding a new career. I was sold by the flashy show Louis puts on at his Open House. Two major problems...first the school is NOT a school, I have a Masters degree in education and the curriculum and delivery is lacking. Also there is no pre test or post test to rule out candidates who should not be using a laser. The second problem is that it is completely misleading as to the true job... Read more

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My name is Marsha and I am a patient at NLI. I see people on hear saying that the employees use patient fillers which is simply not true. I am a repeat customer and I have had great service at that place. Not to mention they took 10 years off my face with 1 filler.They also did a free fill in where I had swelling and it did not take. They want yot to get what you paid for. They also gave me a huge discount. Everything you people are ssaying is... Read more

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I looked at some of the reviews just now. Some are scathing. I would like to weigh in: I am a physician in retirement. I was looking for a new hobby. I decided to learn about Botox and fillers. I went to one previous course at a different institute. It was bad. At National Laser I learned what I needed to at a reasonable price. The instructors were quite skilled, and had a lot of experience. This is a very good basic training, and I... Read more

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Such a great experience . I graduate last month and I cant imagine anybody could say anything but great things about this school and the superb training they have to offer! I researched diligently before I came to this school and found it to be the very best! I had training with NLI they really care about their students and education and I got t work on the best lasers and my teachers were very knowledgeable and made me feel so welcome! I was... Read more

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This company is a SCAM- I was told I would get monthly jobs for hire in the area. YLTHEY LIED.I GET NONE- I feel they take a vantage of people who are trying to make their life better by moving forward with a good job. The owner don't keep their word- first they tried to blame it on me, and then when I have proof that my emails were all valid and working, they try to pass the buck on the other people. I would love to get it a multiple people... Read more

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I went in to have some fine lines around my eyes treated. The technician said I needed to have a micro-peel done. I asked if it would irritate my skin too much since I'd had fat grafting almost nine months prior. She assured me it wouldn't, and even said that I would have little to no swelling. My face swelled up about 30 percent for four days and became so inflamed it was oozing. I tried calling the institute's nurse and doctor and made over 7... Read more

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My account with this company was paid in full each time I went for treatment. Treatment was mediocre at best. Now, 1 and 1/2 years later they say I still owe $100. Which is not true, as I had to pay for each treatment the day of the treatment. The treatments I received were in February and March of 2014. Today is October of 2016 and I now being told I still owe money. Do not trust this company. When I talked to the lady at the business desk she... Read more

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And beware when they transfer the filler from larger syringe to smaller syringes. Be sure and count each syringe or you will NOT get what you paid for. The client is out the money and does NOT get the desired results. However, the injector has the remainder syringes and either sells them or uses them on herself. IT IS A RIP OFF. I am reporting them to every agency until corporate office does a extensive investigation and stops this atrocity.... Read more

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I was a student at Aveda Institute and wanted to further my career by working for a doctor's office or medical spa with cosmetic lasers. I am so glad I found National Laser Institute!! The education & instructors were superb!! Everyone has a different teaching style and something to learn from each instructor. I got a job at a medical spa, they were so impressed with my training that they sought out to hire another graduate from this school... Read more

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